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Kayak Brands

Choosing the right kayak depends on many factors. There are many brands to choose from, as well as considerations such as size, type, water used on and intended. The first step you want to take is to ask yourself questions about how you use the kayak. For example, is it intended for salt or fresh water, how many people can ride at one time, and what is the appropriate budget? Next you want to try out different types. Find places where you can rent kayaks, then you can get a feel for what you like. You also want to consider storage and transportation arrangements available to you. After considering these questions and trying out different types, you have a better idea which brand is best for you.

Best-Selling Kayak Brands

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  1. Emotion Envy Kayak, RedEmotion Envy Kayak, RedFor only $499.99Sports Authority
  2. Bic Tobago Deluxe KayakBic Tobago Deluxe KayakFor only $799.95The-House.com
  3. Bic Adventure 100 KayakBic Adventure 100 KayakFor only $588.95The-House.com
  4. Bic Yakkair Lite 1 KayakBic Yakkair Lite 1 KayakFor only $649.95The-House.com
  5. Bic Scapa KayakBic Scapa KayakFor only $799.95The-House.com

Kayak Brands

Kayaking is the perfect activity if you are an outdoor enthusiast. Whether you are looking for a kayak to take out on the lake, drift on the sea or paddle down rapids of white water, you can find what you need here. Choose from a variety of styles, sizes and colors when you shop brands like Barracuda, Hurricane, Dagger, Cobra and more. Browse this site to find a kayak that is perfect for all of your kayaking adventures.